The Changer Brace (チェンジャー ブレース Chenjā Burēsu) is a phone-like device that allows Yuuka, Etsuko, Cure Reflect and Cure Parallel to transform into Pretty Cure. The golden dials on the brace's allowed Yuuka to transform when it shot out a pink light that surrounded her. Later in the series, we find out how Etsuko received her Changer Brace, Cure Reflect's civilian form uses the brace to transform and obviously Cure Parallel received her's in the beginning. To transform, the girls must spin the gold dial three times before saying "Pretty Cure Mirror Changer!" and then the gold dial spins around once again, beginning their transformations.


It allows the girls to transform into Pretty Cure. It can let the girls call each other and while talking to each other, they can see each other by pressing the white button under the screen. The girls can use the brace to summon their weapons and use their attacks and also look up a map of places.



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