チェリー cherii
SeasonCandy Pretty Cure
Eye ColorDark Blue
Hair ColorWhite
Home PlaceCandy-Kingdom
First AppearanceCPC01
Theme ColorPink and white
Japanese Voice ActorMatsusha Youko
English Voice ActorMia Ross
Cherry (チェリー cherii) is the one mascot for Candy Pretty Cure. She comes from Candy-Kingdom, and her sentences end with 'riri'.


Cherry is a bear-shaped mascot.



Pretty CuresEdit

Mayumi Aika - The lead cure of the team. She lives with Cherry, and sometimes Cherry wants to do homework with her.

Momori Hitomi - Hitomi always has fights with Cherry.

Yuminami Midori - Cherry sometimes gets scared of Midori, and Midori sometimes purposely gives her the evil eye to tease her.

Setsugu Takara - Cherry's cousin. Cherry and Takara both lived in Candy-Kingdom.

Ran Sayuri - Sayuri is always nice to Cherry, and Cherry admires her.


Sugar - The queen of Candy-Kingdom. She loves Cherry a lot.

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