Dream Burst (ドリームバースト Dorīmubāsuto) is Dark Dream's first solo attack. It only needs her Crystal
Dream Burst

Dark Dream performs "Dream Burst" against a Nozomi's memory.

Bracelet. She first used it in episode 12, against a Nozomi's memory trying to convince Priscilla to back to Shadow's side.


She gets closer to the enemy, put her hand into the midriff of the enemy and shouts "Pretty Cure, Dream Burst!" and a big light hits the enemy, purifiy or hurting it.



Dark Dream: 私の心の光が、光る!

Dark Dream:  プリキュアドリームバースト!                                      


Dark Dream:  Watashi no kokoro no hikari ga, hikaru!

Dark Dream:  Purikyuadorīmubāsuto!


Dark Dream: The light of my heart, shine!

Dark Dream: Pretty Cure, Dream Burst!


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