Holy Pink Light (ホーリーピンクライト Hōrī Pinku Raito) is Cure Mirage's first finisher, first used in Episode 2. In order to use the attack, she needs the Changer Brace.




Cure Mirage: 満開、愛の光!
Cure Mirage: プリキュア、ホーリーピンクライト!


Cure Mirage: Mankai, ai no hikari!
Cure Mirage: Purikyua, Hōrī Pinku Raito!


Cure Mirage: Bloom, light of love!
Cure Mirage: Pretty Cure, Holy Pink Light!


  • This is the third attack with the word "Pink" in it, the first two being Pink Forte Wave and Pinky Love Shoot.
  • This is the first attack to have the words "Holy" and "Light" in it.

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