{{Template:CharacterInfo |name = Karen Ella |katakana = カレンエラ |romaji = Karen Era |season = Shining Star Pretty Cure! |age = 14 |gender = Female |ecolor = Brown |hcolor = Blonde |home = Rainbow Sky Kingdom (before) [[Sky Town (currently) |appearance = SSPC01 |cure = Cure Shiny |tcolor = Yellow}} 

Karen Ella is one of curess from Shining Star Pretty Cure! Her alter ego is Cure Shiny and her theme color is yellow.


Ella is usually energetic girl but can get depresed if she think about Rainbow Star Kingdom. She loves eating sweets and they almost always cheer her up if she is sad.


Ella has blonde hair and brown eyes.

As Cure Shiny her hair gets longer and is put in one ponytail. Her main theme color is yellow.



Cure ShinyEdit



  • Ella's surname Karen is same as name of Minazuki Karen from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo.

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