Chīsana ōjo to hikarinotsurugi!
Light Sword Pretty Cure episode 01
"Small princess and Sword of Light!"
Episode Guide
Opening Light Star! Never give up Pretty Cure!
Ending Miracle Secret
Directed by MoonlightRainbow
Written by MoonlightRainbow
 Small princess and Sword of Light! is first episode of Light Sword Pretty Cure.


Sword Kingdom is getting ready for Sword Melody day. Hikari, 11 years old girl that was chosen to use Sword of Light is worried that she'll do something wrong but thanks to her friends Eru, cat like fairy, and Atsuko, girl who used sword of light last year she is able to relax. Next day before Hikari used Sword of Light she is attacked by Jayian. Her mother, Queen Lightheart send Sword of Light on Earth and told Hikari and Eru to find it and legendary warriors Pretty Cure. On Earth Hikari met two girls.



  • Yumesaki Rumi
  • Hanayo Mariko
  • Hikari
  • Eru
  • Atsuko
  • Queen Lightheart
  • Jayian

Major EventsEdit

  • Queen Lightheart send Sword of Light to earth.
  • Hikari and Eru went to Earth to find Pretty Cure and Sword of Light.


  • This is first time that first Pretty Cure didn't transform for the first time in first episode.

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