Royal Blue Bang (ロイヤル ブルー バング Roiyaru Burū Bangu) is Cure Change's first finisher, first used in Episode 3. In order to use this attack, she needs the Changer Brace.




Cure Change: きらめき、勇気の光!
Cure Change: プリキュア、ロイヤルブルーバング!


Cure Change: Kirameki, yūki no hikari!
Cure Change: Purikyua, Roiyaru Burū Bangu!


Cure Change: Sparkle, light of courage!
Cure Change: Pretty Cure, Royal Blue Bang!


  • This is the third attack with the word "Blue" in it, the first two being Blue Forte Wave and Blue Happy Shoot.
  • This is the first attack to have the words "Royal" and "Bang" in it.

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