Setsugu Takara
瀬次 宝 setsugu takara
SeasonCandy Pretty Cure
Eye Colorbrown (Takara)

yellow (Sugarplum)

Hair ColorLight brown (Takara)

yellow (Sugarplum)

Home PlaceCandy-Kingdom
RelativesSugar (sister)
First AppearanceCPC01
Alter EgoCure Sugarplum
Theme ColorYellow (main)

orange (sub)

Japanese Voice ActorAkasa Remi
English Voice ActorHolly Johnson
Setugu Takara (瀬次 宝 setsugu takara) is a member of Candy Pretty Cure. She is from Candy-Kingdom and is sisters with Sugar, the queen. Her alter ego is Cure Sugarplum, and her theme colour is yellow.


In human form, Takara is seen to be wearing a pale green shirt and a yellow jacket. She wears thigh length shorts that folds at the bottom. She wears yellow sneakers with laces. Her hair is in high pig-tails tied with orange scrunchies.

As Cure Sugarplum, her hair becomes a bright yellow which little strands let loose. She wears a golden hairband with an orange ribbon in the middle. Her vest-like top has short sleeves with an orange ribbon in the middle, and a short singlet underneath too. She wears orange armbands. Her skirt is yellow and white with orange frills. There are two ribbons on the side and a big one on the back. Her boots have frills on the top, and have yellow on the sides, which are knee length.


Takara has a cute personality, which Aika cannot stand. She is in year 6, so she is a little bit younger than the other cures. At school, she is known to be friends with the whole school. Takara is very good at sport, and is always chosen to compete in relays. Although she is great at sports, she is not an expert at working, and often gets bad grades.


Takara comes from Candy-Kingdom, and is sisters with Sugar, the queen of Candy-Kingdom. When she is told to go to live in the human world with other Pretty Cures, she moves.


Mayumi Aika - The lead cure of Candy Pretty Cure. Her alter ego is Cure Sweet and her theme colour iss pink.

Momori Hitomi - The second cure to be born. Her alter ego is Cure Lollipop and her theme colour is blue.

Yuminami Midori - A member of Candy Pretty Cure. Her alter ego is Cure Lime, and her theme colour is green.

Ran Sayuri - The last cure to join the team. Her alter ego is Cure Lavender and her theme colour is purple.

Sugar - The queen of Candy-Kingdom. She and Takara are sisters.

Cure SugarplumEdit

Cure Sugarplum is Setsugu Takara's alter ego. Her basic attack is Sugarplum Fizz.

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