Shining Mirage (シャイニングミラージュ Shainingu Miraju) is Cure Heartful's first solo attack. She needs her Crystal Bracelet to perform the attack.


Cure Heartful raises her hand, making a big "pink water" (or something like that) appear and the "water" flies around her before stopping her. Then, she say the incantation before the "water" stops and when the "water" comes, she sends the water for the enemy.



Cure Heartful:  私のクリスタルパワーで、私の気持ちを持っていこう!

Cure Heartful: プリキュア、シャイニングミラージュ!


Cure Heartful:  Watashi no kurisutarupawā de, watashi no kimochi o motte ikou!

Cure Heartful:  Purikyua, shainingumirāju!


Cure Heartful: Take my feelings, with my crystal power!

Cure Heartful: Pretty Cure, Shining Mirage!


  • This attack is very similiar to Dream Attack.
    • Probably because Priscilla was used to be Nozomi's dark past.

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