Starboost Shower (スターブーストシャワーSutābūsutoshawā) is Dark Dream and Dark Mint's second (or first?) from Awake Pretty Cure!It only needs their Crystal Bracelet.


First, Dark Mint creates little green balls, then, Dark Dream hits these green balls, turning them green and pink. After that, Mint and Dream hold hands, and the balls make a circle in front of them. Then, they shout "Hope and Tranquility, together as one! Pretty Cure, Starboost Shower!" and the circles multiply theirselfs and hits the enemy.



Dark Dream:  希望と...

Dark Mint:  静けさ...

Dream and Mint:  一緒に, 1として、!

Dream and Mint:  プリキュア、スターブーストシャワー!


Dark Dream: Kibō to...

Dark Mint: Shizukesa...

Dream and Mint: Isshoni, wan to shite!

Dream and Mint:  Purikyua, sutābūsutoshawā!


Dark Dream: Hope and...

Dark Mint: Tranquility...

Dream and Mint: Together as one!

Dream and Mint: Pretty Cure, Starboost Shower!


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