Symbolize Pure (象徴するピュア Shimboraizu Pyua) is Cure Steel's main attack from Metal Pretty Cure! Unbreakble!She needs her Metal Stick to perform this attack.


First, Cure Steel calls her metal stick, the top of the stick (witch looks like a diamond) starts to shine, she spins, put the stick in front of her Diamond Wristwatch and sppining the stick, she shouts "Pretty Cure, Symbolize Pure!" and she points her metal stick to the enemy, and a big light hits the enemy. Then, she shouts "Shine, shine, remake!" and the monster is purified.



Cure Steel :  メタルスティック!

Cure Steel :  プリキュア!象徴するピュア !

Cure Steel : シャイン、シャイン、リメイク!


Cure Steel :  Metarusutikku!

Cure Steel : Purikyua, shimboraizu pyua!

Cure Steel : Shain, Shain, Rimeikku!


Cure Steel : Metal Stick!

Cure Steel : Pretty Cure, Symbolize Pure!

Cure Steel : Shine, Shine, Remake!


  • This is the first attack to use the word "Symbolize".
  • This attack is somewhat like Cure Dream's Crystal Shoot.

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