Yozora Haruka
夜空遥 Yozora Haruka
SeasonShining Star Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBlack (Haruka)

Brown (Cure Love)

Home PlaceSky Town
RelativesYozora Misumi (mother)

Yozora Ken (father)

Yozora Yui (younger sister)

First AppearanceSSPC01
Alter EgoCure Love
Theme ColorRed
 Yozora Haruka is lead cure in Shining Star Pretty Cure! Her alter ego is Cure Love and her theme color is red.


Haruka is cheerful and energetic 14 years old girl. She is great at sports and baking cakes and making sweets and also at cooking. She isn't very good at studying but is trying her best to get better score in every test. 


Haruka has black hair that she usually puts in pony-tail.

As Cure Love her hair grows longer and change color to brown. Her hair is put in two pony-tails. Her main theme color is red. 



Yuko Honoka -

Karen Ella - 

Aoimizu Ami -

Yozora Yui -

Cure LoveEdit



  • Haruka is first leader with red theme color.
  • Haruka is second leader that has name that starts with H, first being Hojo HIbiki.

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