Yuminami Midori
弓波 緑 yuminami midori
SeasonCandy Pretty Cure
Eye Colordark green (Midori)

green (Lime)

Hair Colordark green (Midori)

green (Lime)

Home PlaceTokyo
RelativesYuminami Yousuke (dad)
First AppearanceCPC03
Alter EgoCure Lime
Theme ColorGreen
Japanese Voice ActorKaeda Remi
English Voice ActorAmber Hooklin
Yuminami Midori (弓波 緑 yuminami midori) is the third Cure to join Candy Pretty Cure. Her alter ego is Cure Lime and her theme colour is green.


In human form, Midori is often seen wearing a green and white striped long-sleeved top. Her hair is normally down, and wears dark green glasses. Her skirt is navy blue, and wears green boots.

As Cure Lime, Midori's hair colour becomes brighter, and ties into a pony-tail, with a long plait. Her headband is green, with a white ribbon. She wears a green choker, and a vest-like top.





Mayumi Aika - The lead cure of the team. Her alter ego is Cure Sweet and her theme colour is pink.

Momori Hitomi - A Pretty Cure who's alter ego is Cure Lollipop and blue as her theme colour.

Setsugu Takara - The sister of Sugar from Candy-Kingdom. Her alter ego is Cure Sugarplum and her theme colour is yellow.

Ran Sayuri - A member of Candy Pretty Cure. Her alter ego is Cure Lavender and her theme colour is purple.

Cherry - The mascot of the team.

Cure LimeEdit

Cure Lime is Yuminami Midori's alter ego.